Story of Hurriah, IDP girl from Taiz

Story of Hurriah, IDP girl from Taiz Hurriah is 12 years old. Laughter never leaves her. She is mischievous and full of vitality. Hurriah’s family never expected that the day will come when this girl will become silent. When the war came to the city where Hurriah was living, she went.. [ More... ]

Integrated Response

Integrated Response Results: Food, Shelter /NFIs, Protection Budget: 1.5 Million USD Number of Beneficiaries: 25000.. [ More... ]

Food & Diphtheria Response

Food & Diphtheria Response Results: Food & Diphtheria Response (Ibb) Budget: 100,000 USD Number of Beneficiaries: 5000.. [ More... ]

Diphtheria Response

Diphtheria Response ٌResults: Diphtheria Response in Ibb (Al Sadda District) Budget: 27,576 USD Number of Beneficiaries: 250.. [ More... ]